Costuming Paralysis

The Sewing Panic has me in its scratchy horsehair grip, and I’m having difficulty seeing the sewing events of last weekend as anything less than a disaster.  I think I’m just being paranoid though.

Good Stuff I Did:

  • Got the Punk Rock Kimono to a fitting place.  It doesn’t fit the way I’d hoped and I am really, really disappointed.
  • Got a pattern drafted and supplies for a friend’s costume and had a good time doing it.
  • Cleaned up my new work area and assembled all existing pieces
  • Went to the best fabric store this side of NYC, according to Yelpers, and got a few items (stretchy black knit, velvety patterned knit, and black Russian millinery veiling).

Bad Stuff I Did:

  • Poked around on the internet, looking for more ideas
  • Slept
  • Added more projects to my list
  • Didn’t take any pictures

The current list is:

  • Punk Rock Kimono (which I may break up with for a few weeks while I figure out how to save it)
  • Punk Steampunk (whose elements change weekly)
  • Steampunk Bellydance (probably the closest to finished, mostly need to adorn the coin bra and make the brass dangle chains, and get the scrappy skirt going.)
  • Daytime psychobilly comfortable ensemble (hence the knits and veiling purchases)

I may strike Punk Steampunk and reprise last year’s Polonaise ensemble.  I really like the idea of exploring the punker side of steampunk, but I’m just not finding the fabric I want for the pants, and I think boldly patterned pants need time and consideration to do well.

I’m hoping I can find the joy in this again soon.  I think I’m just stuck in the midpart between the fun planning and supply buying stage, and the point-of-no-return you-just-cut-your-fabric-to-pieces stage.

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  • Margot H. Miller\ Says:

    Hi Jessi,

    I’ll bet the kimono will do better for a little rest in a dark corner. You may find when you shed light on it again that new ideas on how to get what you’re after will surface. Hope so!


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