Costuming Time Again

I’ve begun work on my Punk Rock Kimono, which is loosely based on some tunics I stumbled across in a Google image search.  Since I couldn’t find any patterns for Punk Rock Kimonos, I decided to wing it.

It is exhilarating.

You can’t tell me I’m doing it wrong!  There are no directions!

So, I began with the binding, because I have a particular way I want it to sit off the shoulder.

punk rock kimono mockup punk rock kimono mockup

Working with the muslin is really informative.  I can see through multiple layers to add seam allowances.

Punk Rock Kimono Mockup

It’s also really soft and fun to rip along the grainline!

I draped/drafted the front panel first:

Punk Rock Kimono Mockup Punk Rock Kimono Mockup

Looking at it again, I think I need to nudge it up a little and carve out the armscye a bit, instead of the traditional straight lines.  This is Punk Rock!  I don’t have to be traditional unless I want to.

It’s a little hard to tell in the pictures, but this is also a knee-length garment.

Next I drafted some sleeves.  Very blocky sleeves.  I’m not really sure how modern Western sleeves work, I’ve just cut them out and fitted them into bodices.  They can be tricksy.  In this project, I’ve decided to be OK with the idea that the underarms may not connect with the sides.  This is not entirely untraditional, and definitely is Punk Rock, and might be nice if I get a little warm!

Punk Rock Kimono Mockup Punk Rock Kimono Mockup

I also discovered a great place to put pins.  Can you see where in the pictures above?  No?

Punk Rock Kimono Mockup

In my dressform’s neck!

Next time, I will show you how the back works, and I’ll work on a distinctly non-traditional obi.  It’s a hybrid between a corset and an obi, and is designed to enhance rather than hide curves.

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