New Costume

I’m performing for the first time as my troupe‘s student apprentice at the end of June, so I’ve started working on my costume.  Since I’m the baby of the group (story of my life) I have a lot of catching up to do!  The troupe does a mixture of different folkloric styles and straight-up East coast American Tribal Style, which is an improv-based style.

Stuff I already have:

  • jingly coin belt.
  • Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Stuff to make:

  • Tunic dress
  • Lightweight harem pants / pantaloons (I have a pair made with a crepey cotton, but they are quite warm…)
  • Tassel belt to layer under the coin belt
  • Coin bra top
  • Flowered headband

Stuff to buy:

  • Chinese flats for dancing on not-smooth surfaces

Here’s my color palette:


Materials I’m using:

  • Dark purple swirly batik cotton for belt, bra top and headband
  • Dark purple cotton shirting for pantaloons
  • Bright teal rayon jersey for tunic dress
  • Bright magenta, dark purple yarn plus spicy-gold accents for tassels
  • Spicy-gold flowers with a touch of deep magenta
  • Random beads and bits of trim to add that tribal look

Should be fun!  I’m going to work on stuff over the long weekend, so I’ll have some pictures to share next week, hopefully!

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