The Horn of the Stag

I’ve started a new big knitting project, the Staghorn Cabled Tunic!  (Ravelry link)  I think my friend Kate will be joining me in this project as well.  Sort of a mini Knit ALong, since neither of us has ever KAL’d before.

This project is what I would call a jumper, and it’s basically a tunic with straps instead of sleeves, meant to be worn over a shirt and some tights or leggings. Since moving up to where winter is a real season, I’ve found I really love wearing leggings and boots in the winter, so that I feel warm, but can still run around freely and remember that spring is coming.

I have converted the pattern to be knit in the round, since I’m not too keen on the side seams, and I think it’ll have a better line when it drapes over the hips.  It’ll get a bit heavy, but I’m OK with that.

I’ve started swatching, like a good girl, and it makes me feel all wholesome.  The pattern has two different needle sizes, and the gauge swatch for one is in stockinette, and the other garter.  So if my first attempts don’t work, I will have to continue making two gauge swatches at a time.  Ah well.  I even washed the swatches and let them dry overnight!

The stockinette swatch and the bottom half of the garter swatch I knit “in the round” by moving the work back to the other end of the circular needle, and leaving a long piece of yarn behind the work.  Sort of like how I-cord is made, but without pulling the yarn tight across the back.  Since some of the garter stitch work will also be knit flat (the bodice above the armholes) I knitted the top half of the garter stitch swatch back-and-forth.

You may be wondering whether I have achieved the correct gauges.  Well, I haven’t yet screwed up the courage to measure.  That will be something to do after coffee and breakfast this morning.  :)

Here’s a link to my project page on Ravelry if you’d like to take a look there.

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